Interests & hobbies

Deep Reading

I joined a reading club started by my friends  in May, 2017. Ever since then, I have been doing deep reading at the pace of one book per month, covering various topics outside my area of academic research. By “deep reading”, I will first read the book, then write a reading report, and finally, discuss with other club members and exchange our ideas.

Sports and Exercise


I started riding the bicycle when I was around seven or eight years old. Ever since I began my PhD study, I bought a Fuji road bike and commuted between my apartment and the campus almost every day. However, this lasted only for four years, until my bike was cut off from the rack and got stolen.


For a long time, I was scared of water. I tried to learn swimming five years ago, yet for unknown reasons, I failed. I restarted learning swimming last May (2017) by watching Youtube tutorials and practice myself on a daily basis. I made little progress until one day I was inspired by one specific video, in which a guy emphasized that the very first thing to do is actually to relax and float on the water. Such a simple trick helped me a lot, and I was able to swim freely and overcome the fear of water in less than a month. Proudly speaking, swimming has become my current favorite exercise, and I swim every other day.

Other sports

I did bouldering and rocking climbing for one year when I was doing my M.A. at Peking University, China. I also enjoy hiking and camping very much. I tried kayaking in Mallows Bay on the Potomac River, and I look forward to learning more kinds of sports.